About Stuart

Photographer I Writer I Brand Strategist
We strive for authenticity, originality; the unique. But on that journey, we find not what is ours…only what isn’t theirs’

Hi & thanks for passing by.

I’m Stuart a commercial & humanitarian travel photographer, creative brand strategist & writer.

Born and raised in Asia now based in the UK, I work with a variety of clients from filmmakers to start ups, global brands and NGOs. I’ve shot for NGOs in the slums of Bombay, taken portraits of Hollywood Actors and set my alarm for before sunrise in too many countries. My passion is identity and its visual communication, working with my clients to create beautiful, emotional imagery for their cause.

I don’t believe that specialising in a particular industry / area is essential to creative work. It’s said that creativity is the simple matter of joining improbable experiential dots – the more experiences the more creative your ideas…

Read more about my approach to Photography & Branding here…