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Brand Strategy:

Identity has been my real interest for many years, my own, those of the people I meet and the companies and countries that I have worked with. Who are you? what do you value? and what are you searching for?…it’s the core of who we are as humans and it’s the core of any charity and business. Without this you’re adrift and confused.

As humans the way in which we act and communicate create others’ perceptions of our identity, the same is true for businesses – although we tend to refer to this as their ‘brand.’

I help organisations understand who they are at the very core, what makes them different and valuable. I then help them define who to tell and how to tell them.

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I like to create valuable images that inspire people to act or elicit an emotion. We live in a world where the passive ability to scroll through thousands of photographs each minute is juxtaposed by the hours, days and years of work that goes into creating them. I don’t take photographs, I understand the context, the goal, the vision and then create them.

It’s a cliché but I didn’t choose photography, I chose dirt-bike riding, drumming, DJ-ing…to be a management consultant…but none of those stuck because they weren’t who I am at my core.

I use who I am, my photographs, to help organisations tell the story of who they are.

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